DSLR Camera Market 2016 (Q1)

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October 2022

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  • Explore Map by attributes according to bubble color and size using drop-downs at top
  • Zoom-in or out with mouse wheel or slider on right
  • Click+Drag moves map (can be used in combination with zoom)
  • Show Names of products in map with check-box at top
  • Adaptive Name Size (check-box at top) varies size of product names in map according to selected size attribute (drop-down)
  • Summary of product attributes on mouse-over when check-box "Attribute Pop-up" is checked
  • Mouse-over Legend to highlight products in map corresponding to legend criteria (e.g., on heat-map mouse over dark green color to show all matching products)
  • Search-Bar with autocomplete helps you find a product in the map faster when you enter its name or part of its name
  • Rotate & Reflect map using controls on the left of this text box: enter degrees (-360 to 360) and click button to rotate; reflect vertically by clicking button
  • Double-Click on map to reset zoom and center map