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maxXP is an online visualization tool for relationships among objects such as people, firms, brands, products, or even plants, animals, proteins, genes, etc. mapXP was developed by Daniel M. Ringel for his Journal of Marketing Research article titled "Multimarket Membership Mapping". Please download the full open access article for free from here: Full Article. You may use and adapt mapXP for your own purposes, but you must always cite the original M4 article as follows: Ringel, D. M. (2022). EXPRESS: Multimarket Membership Mapping. Journal of Marketing Research, 0(0).

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Version 1.5
October 2022

© 2022 with
Daniel M. Ringel
UNC Chapel Hill
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Quickstart: Map colors accessible to the colorblind where possible
  • Explore Map by attributes according to bubble color and size using drop-downs at top
  • Zoom-in or out with mouse wheel or slider on right
  • Click+Drag moves map (can be used in combination with zoom)
  • Show Names of products in map with check-box at top
  • Adaptive Name Size (check-box at top) varies size of product names in map according to selected size attribute (drop-down)
  • Summary of product attributes on mouse-over when check-box "Attribute Pop-up" is checked
  • Mouse-over Legend to highlight products in map corresponding to legend criteria (e.g., on heat-map mouse over dark green color to show all matching products)
  • Search-Bar with autocomplete helps you find a product in the map faster when you enter its name or part of its name
  • Rotate & Reflect map using controls on the left of this text box: enter degrees (-360 to 360) and click button to rotate; reflect vertically by clicking button
  • Download .SVG let's you download the current map view as a scalable vector graphics file. The advantage of SVG files is that you can later rescaling your map to any size without loss of resolution. You can open an SVG file in any browser. You can convert an SVG file to a PDF or JPG file using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or various free tools online.
  • Double-Click on map to reset zoom and center map
  • Please Cite the associated research article when you use mapXP: Ringel, D. M. (2022). EXPRESS: Multimarket Membership Mapping. Journal of Marketing Research, 0(0).